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Navigational Aid

+ Heli-deck Lighting

Navigational Aids (Nav-Aids)


All fixed and mobile offshore assets operating on the UKCS (United Kingdom Continental Shelf) must have Aids to Navigation (ATON) that comply with UK Government Legislation, and failure of these systems is a reportable occurrence using form PON10.


NSPS has gathered extensive experience working with Nav-Aids systems so can assist with healthcare, maintenance and repair of existing systems, as well as providing turn-key solutions for new installations, decommissioning, obsolescence, upgraded/retrofitted equipment within hazardous areas.


In addition, we are currently have an excellent business relationship with a major Navigational Aids supplier to pioneer helideck lighting equipment that complies with CAP437. This directive from the CAA calls for full illumination of “Circle and H” on all North Sea helidecks, with all sites to fully comply by March 2018.


NSPS also have capabilities to deliver solutions to the following;


  • Offshore wind farms (OWF)
  • Meterological Masts
  • Offshore Sub Stations (OSS)
  • Ports and Harbours – Radar Beacons(RACONs)
  • Vessels – Electronic Navigation, AIS & Monitoring


Call us today to discuss how we can keep your helideck in compliance, and ensure that your Nav-Aids are up to our world class standard