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Thermography and Partial Discharge

Thermography and Partial Discharge


Partial Discharge Monitoring

Whether onshore or offshore, maintaining the integrity of your high voltage networks and machinery is of utmost priority. Not only does this equipment represent a significant investment, but your very ability to do business at all will often depend on it. With insulation breakdown being the primary cause of failure in HV systems, it is essential that testing is carried out to detect any potential deterioration or damage in this area.


Partial Discharge is the presence of small sparks or other electrical leakage either between phase conductors or to earth. Although insignificant in that it causes no disturbance or direct failure, its presence the first sign of breakdown in the insulation of HV systems such as switchgear, transformers, motors or generators. Close monitoring of Partial Discharge therefore is an invaluable tool in detecting minor issues before they escalate into catastrophic failures. PD monitoring results can also play a vital role in devising equipment maintenance or replacement strategies.


The monitoring of Partial Discharge is a non-destructive process and can be carried out with your equipment online, and therefore has little or no impact on your production or business. It can be performed either periodically as part of a preventative maintenance regime, or continuously using dedicated condition monitoring equipment. Call our office to discuss which regime best suits the needs of your equipment.



Thermography, through the use of thermal imaging cameras can be used to perform many critical functions for offshore – onshore installations and include troubleshooting and maintenance of equipment. Thermal Imaging is used to perform preventative and predictive maintenance techniques ranging from electrical, mechanical, process and building surveys.


The technique includes measurement of actual temperatures of apparatus during normal operating conditions and our is captured by North Sea Power Solutions to evaluate whether the equipment is operating within it’s design temperature range or whether an underlying fault is present which could result in eventual breakdown and risk of fire.


NSPS recognise the importance of thermography and strongly recommend that clients incorporate a planned maintenance routine (PMR) survey into their maintenance strategy on a 12 monthly basis and when modifications are carried out as part of commissioning. We work closely with clients on all aspects of maintenance which includes a comprehensive survey and report of which is delivered by our qualified Thermographers utilising top range calibrated thermal imaging cameras. The key areas covered by our professional team are as follows




Applications –Distribution Boards, UPS and Battery Systems, Busbar systems, HV/MV systems, Power line connections and insulators, switchgear, electronic components, motor control centres, PLC connections, control panels, fuse boards and trace heating.

To view our reccommended options with Thermal imaging surveys click here



Applications – Pumps, Gearboxes, Compressors, Bearings, fans etc.

NSPS recommend the following;

  • Survey on ATEX certified mechanical equipment.
  • Turbine and exhaust heat stack heat shield monitoring as per HSE PM84 Guidelines


Applications – Process Pipework, Tank Levels, Vessel levels

Faults identified – Leakage in pumps, pipes and valves. Insulation breakdown, pipe blockages,

NSPS additional recommendation

  • Trace Heating design and surveys,
  • Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) surveys and constant monitoring products.
  • Separator sediment level inspection.


Faults identified – Insulation defects, air leaks, moisture detection, water leaks and under floor heating, Solar panel cell defects.

NSPS additional recommendation

  • Heat Loss Survey
  • Building Compliance
  • Flood and moisture assessment
  • Roof Leak Surveys