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Uninterruptible Power Supply

Regardless of your location or area of business, power failure can have significant impact on your operations. A UPS will provide security of supply, and keep you and your clients’ business online. NSPS can source a system to provide either AC or DC power for your critical circuits, regardless if these are a single desktop computer or an entire offshore platform. Speak to us today about a UPS to suit your exact requirements.

It’s also important that these systems are maintained in good condition. NSPS can undertake emergency fault finding and repairs as well as survey or upgrade work. We are also able to carry out planned maintenance on any system regardless of age or manufacturer, so you can be confident that your UPS will protect your business when it is called upon.


Battery Testing

A UPS system depends on its battery to provide backup power when the mains supply fails, so the system is only ever as good as its battery bank. These have a finite service life so it is critical that their condition and performance is closely monitored. A programme of Cellcorder or battery discharge testing delivered by NSPS will ensure that your battery will provide the support you need. And when the time comes, make us your first contact for a new battery that’s competitively priced and professionally installed.


Variable Speed Drives

Switching on high-inertia rotational equipment such as large fans or pumps can draw enough current to cause a dip in your power supply, causing other equipment to trip. The solution to this is a Soft-Starter or Variable Speed Drive. These systems use electronic controls to accelerate the machine while limiting the initial current load. Call NSPS to discuss the ideal drive or starter to keep your equipment available without causing issues elsewhere on your site. Likewise, make us your first point of contact for any emergency fault finding or repairs.


Fault Finding & Testing

Asset life extension across the O&G industry has seen electronic and electrical equipment kept in operation well beyond end of service life. It is also common to find that an OEM is no longer trading when it comes to providing support for such equipment. NSPS has the ability to fault find electronics to component level, so can often repair, test and refurbish obsolete equipment such as control panels, circuit boards and power supplies. It’s often the case that failed obsolete equipment requires replacement in entirety, but a call to North Sea Power solutions could get your plant back up and running quickly in the meantime. We will also be happy to assist you upgrade and future-proof any ageing systems.